Friday, January 25, 2019

Six Steps To Overcoming Shyness

1.     Bring support. Big groups can be overwhelming. If you have to go to a big group thing, bring a friend (or a group of them), with you the first time. Their presence will dissipate your nervousness.
2.     Full speed AHEAD. Before you leave, think about what you'll want to say. Asking questions is a good ice-breaker. Move forward and AHEAD.
3.     Move your body.  Physical movement dispels nervous energy. 
4.     Don't LQQK at yourself. Focus on others. Shy people focus on themselves and their fears and anxieties. If you remember to spend time putting others at ease, you'll put yourself at ease. 
5.     Find a common interest. Common interests spark conversations. Circumstances can open you up. Think positively! Take advantage of where you are. Watch what happens.
6.     Give em a smile. Follow the actions of a puppy! What? Puppies wag their tails and people fall over them. Give others a smile and a genuine hello. Watch what happens!

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