Friday, December 7, 2018

Intuition and Trust

Any life change (new home, job, travel) involves intuition and trust. They work hand in hand.
Intuition is following your "gut instincts" or inner voice. Many times, it tells you what to do. Many times, we ignore it or doubt it. In order to make any positive changes, you HAVE to follow and TRUST  your intuition when it speaks to you. Here are some important  questions to get you started and MOVING FORWARD WITH CONFIDENCE.
1.   What experiences do I have that tells me that I'm intuitive?
2.   What will it take for me to rely on and apply my intuition?
3.   What is something I need to do but have ignored?
4.   What could I improve on when it comes to trusting myself?
5.   What is the BIG action I need to take NOW?

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