Thursday, December 13, 2018

Baby Steps

Steve (not his real name) is someone from my church. I don’t know him well. We sit in the same section and exchange pleasantries. That’s it!

Out of the blue, he told me that he’s looking for a new car. It took him 3 years to  save 10 thousand dollars. I congratulated him for his efforts. He admitted a DUI (1990) and that he’s been clean for 28 years. Currently, he rides his bike. That is his mode of transportation. He rides within a 10 block radius of where he lives. In order to renew his license, he has to retake his drivers tests.

I was gob smacked with what he said. To admit his drinking history and recovery,  was a MAJOR DEAL. He’s taken steps to reclaim his life.

His story left me with a new found respect for him. I admire people who take steps to move forward. We ALL have the ability to take “baby steps.” It’s just that we need to do it slowly and consciously.


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Focus: Personal Conflict, Resolution, Commitment, Spirit

Questions for you: 1) What’s got you stuck? 2) What steps can you take to move forward?

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