Sunday, October 28, 2018

Staying Strong

Technology is NOT my strong suit. While I understand that it has a purpose, I’m overwhelmed in how/why things HAVE to continue to be “updated,” or evolve in the way that they do. I look at it this way, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

I’m also a visual learner. I have to see something work (many times) before I “get it.”

The above all came together when I had to learn some features about my android phone and music (for my zumba class).

I walked into a Best Buy to check out some adapters etc. I walked up to two “Mac Specialists” and asked for help. A young man (20ish) volunteered and led me to the devices I needed. As I began questioning him, he “took over” and spoke over me. The first time he did it, I gave him a “pass” and waited for him to take a breath. When he did, I interjected with more questions. He spoke over me again. I stopped him and said, “Sir, I’m a visual learner. In addition, I’m fearful of technology. I don’t understand it and want to learn this. I need to talk this out so I can feel comfortable with the product.”

Once again, he  spoke over me.
At this point, I broke eye-contact with him and looked at the floor. He enraged me to no end.

I wanted to swear at him. I chose not to. I wanted to punch him. I chose not.

I tried to interrupt. He said, “Listen, I know what you need. This device will work. I sell these things all the time.”
I reached my peak. I looked at him and said, “I’m done.” In addition, I told him he was a terrible listener. I walked out of the store. I would not give him the sale.

I felt good about the way I handled this. I stood strong in that I would NOT permit this young man to treat me disrespectfully.

Just 1 Page . . .

Focus: Limits, boundaries

Questions for you: 1) What situations/people repeatedly disrespect you and your boundaries? 2) How are you currently handling it? Are you letting it go or confronting it?

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