Monday, July 23, 2018

Remembering Your Spirit

“I don’t know what my passion is.”

This is a common question/concern for people who’ve  lost themselves. They invested their energy into their spouse, family and career. In the process, they  lost themselves. With ALL the investments in others, they forgot about their own SELF-INVESTMENT or SELF-DEPOSIT.

Years ago, Oprah Winfrey took her talk show in another direction. Admittedly, she was a part of the “trash-talk” scene (embarrassing guests on camera for ratings). One day, she realized that God gave her the talk show as a platform for helping others. She realized that there was something more to her journey. It was to educate and empower her audience.

For one year, she developed a daily segment called Remembering Your Spirit. For 10-15 minutes she featured a guest who showed others how to “dig deep” and connect with their passions. The television critics were brutal. Oprah was hurt with the criticisms but moved forward with the segments. Very gradually, people saw the importance of them and “dug deep” to reclaim those activities that promoted spiritual wellness.

I had my own realization a couple of weeks ago. I let go of going to the beach in the summer. When I taught full time and had summers off, I hit the beach 2-3 times a week to work on my tan and reconnect with the water and sand. At the time, I didn’t realize that those moments were recharging my spiritual batteries. Every time I went to the beach, I invested in myself so that when I began a new school year, I was spiritually invested.

I let go of my “beach time” for 4 years. I rationalized that it cost too much in gas to go the 50 mile round trip. In addition, I was fearful that my car wouldn’t sustain the journey.

My circumstances changed and in counseling I made the commitment that I’d go to the beach 1x a week to enjoy and treat myself. The first revisit was overwhelming. When I got there, I was flooded with so much joy. I actually said aloud, Hello beach! I missed you!”

I was there for over an hour. I realized how (in the past), this sacred time filled me up and  sustained me to accomplish many challenges. That’s how important that time was.

After that first time, I re-committed myself to trekking to the beach 1x a week (usually Sunday) to replenish what I lost. (Right now, it feels odd to go there. I’m a different person and in a different stage of life. But I know I HAVE to do it for ME!)

As I remembered my spirit, I remembered a deep rooted passion – going to the beach to enjoy my life!

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Focus: Passion, spirit

Questions for you: 1) What passions bring you joy? 2) Are you currently engaged with your passions? Why? Why not? 3) If not, how can you ignite/incorporate them back into your life?

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