Monday, April 30, 2018

ViewPoint: RISK

Stephen Covey has a central theme to his books: win-win and work from the inside-out. The
two ideas go hand-in-hand. It’s an easy concept but very hard to put into practice. The hardest part is making the commitment to dig deep and understand your stuff.

When you communicate, you have to understand what drives you – why do you act in the way that you do. In many cases, fear is present and creates an obstacle. When you are involved in any type of communication situation, you have to take a risk. Without risk, there is no movement. That risk may be asking your boss for a raise or confronting an employee or a colleague, or just being vulnerable. The bottom line is you will never know the outcome, until you try it.

When you understand the inside, the outside comes naturally. And when the inside matches the outside, you are in a win-win situation … everytime!

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