Thursday, November 16, 2017

Interviewing And Selling YOURSELF!

It’s About Standing Out! (Interviewing And Selling YOURSELF!) 

Are you in the midst of a job search? Are you feeling the pressure of finding work NOW? Are you at the end of your rope? Do you think you nailed the interview only to find, the job’s filled? Well, here’s some insight to EMPOWER (and give you the EDGE). Interviews are more of a conversation. In order to succeed, come prepared with information and stories, that show you’re the best person for the job.
When you go to an interview, leave your nerves at the door and remember to be yourself. Think of your past jobs and remember what made you “stand out!” What was it that saved a company millions of dollars? Did you establish a precedent as a leader?
When you’re interviewing; your (future) employer is LQQKING for skills that go beyond your degree. Here are some examples of what your employer wants to know: 1) Are you an asset or a liability? Will you make $$ for us and bring in new clients? 2) Are you a team player? Will your skills add to, or enhance our corporate structure? (Many times, a company is LQQKING for a certain personality to fit in with, or challenge, the “current” corporate climate.)
In order to HAVE the edge, you report how: 1) You made or saved $$ for your past employers, 2) You led your team to accomplishing goals that were unprecedented in the past.
Do you get the idea now?
When you understand that ALL jobs come with a history, you’ll learn, that sharing your stories, makes you marketable, and more attractive to a potential employer. Interviewing is ALL about WIN-WIN. The company wins when they hire you, and you win, when you bring something fresh, into a company. When your intention is all about WIN-WIN, you come closer to landing a job that you really want. Be prepared to stand out and sell yourself!

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