Wednesday, May 3, 2017

5 Tips To Get Over Fear of Speaking in Public

Did you know that people would rather die, than to get up in front of people, and speak? That’s right. What many don’t know is that getting up in front of a group of people is not that hard. It just takes practice and patience.
Public peaking is more than just a large hall, a stage and a podium. Formal and informal events comprise public speaking. Remember this: Public speaking is your ability to inform or persuade an audience, even if it’s an audience of one!
Here are 5 tips to help you be successful:
1.    Have a purpose, make sure your audience knows why you are there and what you are going to talk about. Repeat your “purpose” as needed.
2.    Organize your topics. Your ideas have to stay connected and flow.Think of your presentation as an “hourglass.” Begin with something general and narrow it down with examples. End your presentation by restating your purpose or with a story that leaves your audience thinking and wanting more.
3.    Support your points with facts. Prove each of your points with examples. Use personal stories if necessary.
4.    Watch your voice. Your voice tells your story. Remember how you loved hearing stories from your parents? They used their voice to express the characters. Well, you need to do the same. You are on a stage and you are giving a performance! Monotonous or sloppy speech won’t express your passion. You can have perfect posture and a great wardrobe, but if your speaking voice is weak, your audience will notice. Professionals, and your friends, can advise you.
5.    Be interesting. Your audience will forgive almost anything, but BOREDOM. Your job is to be memorable. That is where you generate your credibility.

Every time you speak, you have a chance to practice, inform and persuade and shape how people perceive you. Every time you speak, you’ll gain confidence and that builds rapport with business contacts. Remember, your audience wants you to succeed. They are on your side! 
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