Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Knowing God's Will

I speak for myself when I say that knowing God’s will is tricky. For me, I’ve done better with a “set schedule.” When you give your day over to God; it can become a roller coaster ride. Why? Because God knows what is BEST for us. Sometimes, we have to be shaken to be fully ALIVE. But, the bottom line is that when we work in God-time; we come into a life that has a deeper sense of accomplishment and purpose.
How do you know when you’re doing God’s will?
1.    Commit yourself to him everyday. Throughout the day acknowledge him by saying God, I put my life in your hands. Do with me what you will!
2.    Trust God to send you the work and relationships that you need for his purpose.
God’s will isn’t a mystery that you try to unlock. The Bible contains many scriptures about knowing his will. The key is to read and listen to that still small voice (i.e. The Holy Spirit) to guide you!
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Monday, December 19, 2016

Running With God

Has God put a desire in your heart to do something new and different? Maybe a new job, or a new relationship? If He has, you have to have faith/confidence that he will BRING IT to fruition?
We ALL have challenges in life. Some people will cave by giving up because it’s too hard or they get distracted. There are people who will achieve their goal(s). It’s because they’re persistent. Inevitably, they’re trusting God to get them through it.
A runner gets a second wind when he forces himself to go beyond his natural abilities. He taps into his reservoir of unused energy. I BELIEVE it’s faith. We feel the joy of God’s spirit lift and carry us when we walk in faith vs. sight.
Take a moment to set your heart in faith. The faith that GOD will lead you, pick you up (when you’ve fallen) and gives you the energy to continue running with HIM.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Day By Day

There is a very important line in the “Our Father.” It goes like this, “Give us our day, our daily bread.” Basically, we’re asking for grace or a “get out of jail free” card when we’re in a bind. As God provided “manna” when the Israelites were in the desert; He’ll do the same for you on a daily basis. Trust God to give you things like:
·         Material goods >> money, food and supplies that you need for today.
·         The creativity you need to finish/start a project.
·         The stamina or energy you need to get through your day.
·         The spiritual nourishment to get through your daily challenges
Never forget; ask God for your daily bread.

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Someone To Talk To

Someone To Talk To
I’m ALWAYS amazed when God places someone in my path to get my attention. This happened recently. Karen (not her real name) worked at a bank I did business at. She worked there for 30 years. Her retirement approached. The bank gave her a hassle. They wanted her to work at another branch, that didn’t have a lot of activity. She loved where she worked.  Her colleagues became her 2nd family. In an effort to maintain her pension and benefits, she moved to this branch to “ride out” her last days. Her children were grown. Right before she retired, her husband was diagnosed with leukemia. He went through the treatment but subsequently passed. At this point, she was officially retired. Transitions hit her ALL at once: 1) Retirement, 2) Loss of spouse, 3) Empty nest and 4) Redefining her life.
As she spoke, her emotions were still raw. Though she was  retired for a number of years; and  her husband passed; she was lost.
I listened intently as she revealed her daily activities. When I asked her what was the worst part in ALL of this; her response was immediate. “I just wanted someone to talk to.” Her lack of family was a HUGE loss; so was her lack of friends. Those 2 areas kept her busy and ALIVE. When they were gone, she didn’t know how to deal with her life. She said that it was hard to make and keep friends. All of her older friends had lives already.
Her truth shocked me. I was in the same boat. I had to redefine my life. While, I too tried to establish long lasting and healthy relationships; it wasn’t meant to be. People were “busy.” I hate that word because people make excuses for their time. I wonder how “busy” they would be, if they were in a situation where everything they once had (i.e.  family, spouse, job etc.) was taken away. I would hope they’d  learn that claiming their “busyness,” is a falsehood.
“I just wanted someone to talk to!”
Think about how easy it is to just listen to someone. It doesn’t take money. It just takes your time. The only thing Karen needed was someone to talk to. That was enough for her. Her need was an easy one. Recently, I had a conversation with  a priest. He has dedicated himself to serving others. He said that one of the easiest things a person can do is write a check for a “cause.” It’s a lot harder to give someone your time!

Question for you: In the scheme of your life, who needs your attention? (Your kids, spouse, parents). Are you putting off  giving them your time cause you are too “busy?”

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Worrying About Money

Worrying about money doesn’t pay the bills. Worrying about money repels prosperity and abundance.
Here are some alternatives to worrying about it:

  • Calculate whether you have enough money for your needs right now. If you do, don’t focus on lack.

  • Catch yourself the next time you start dwelling on what you don’t have.

Worry is a future tense emotion. It’s a projection of a possible (not probable) scenario. Why not ask yourself how you can create money vs. How can I get it? There is an enormous difference in the energy you send to the Universe when you say you’ll create it.

Constant worry about money blocks your creativity and clear thinking.

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