Sunday, November 27, 2016

Our Boundaries

Boundaries are important for ALL of us. We all have limits which need to be respected. In order to have boundaries that support you, you HAVE to confront people and use the word NO.

It is your responsibility to say no, especially to old habits that drain your energy, rob your joy, or what distracts you from purpose.

Saying no and establishing boundaries can be liberating when it expresses our commitment to take a stand for what you believe you need!

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Words: Boundaries, respect, commitment, spirit

Monday, November 21, 2016

Burnout And You

Burnout is caused by imbalance  -- too much work and too little time to do it. You’re running on fumes vs. fuel.

Burnout starts with illness and is accompanied with depression.
You’re burned out when you go to bed exhausted and wake up tired. It’s burnout when everything becomes too much effort. It’s burnout when you don’t want to have sex, or you’re enraged at the smallest thing. It’s burnout when you’re trapped and hopeless. It’s burnout when you believe that no one can help you.

But, you’re wrong!

The only person who can help you with burnout is you. It’s because you have to make the lifestyle changes to take a slower, more enriched path.

When you have no strength left, you HAVE to rely on the strength of a HIGHER POWER to restore you to wholeness.

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Words: Burnout, peace, serenity, illness

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Your Internal Enemies

When you’re constantly disappointed, you continue to feel sorry for yourself. Your ego ( i.e.
denial, repression) has a lot to lose when you begin your authentic journey. Why? You’ve known no other way. You’ve relied on the strength of your ego until now. Now, you’re changing. You’ve made the decision to do something positive. That decision means checking in with spirit to seek a peaceful path. The peaceful path doesn’t cave into fear, intimidation, pressure or self-sabotage.

Observe your behavior patterns. Are your decisions vested in fear or peace?

If you’re at peace with a decision, you’ve outsmarted the “enemy within” and are on the path to your authenticity.

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Words: Denial, repression, joy, behavior, patterns, authentic

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Moving Forward

There’s perspective in looking back at a situation . . . a failed marriage, job loss, eviction. 

Sometimes, we need a smack in the face to understand why things happened in the way they did. If we learn what we need to learn to move forward, that’s great. Don’t get stuck in the situation, mulling it over and over again. The situation is in the past. Let it go and learn from it.


Moving forward is part of a DIVINE PLAN. Trust spirit to move you forward from something that is dead and buried.


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Words: Perspective, divine, plan, learn, trust

Friday, November 4, 2016


Judy and Sue (not their real names) are my Zumba teachers. Both of them have taught for over 3 years. Each brings their own style. As an educator, I always have my teacher hat on.  I’m ALWAYS observing how other teachers do it. It doesn’t matter the venue (i.e. classroom vs. health club). If you have a class, you’re a teacher. Lately, many of the students have been concerned about Judy’s complacency. She’s used the same music for over a year. Her routines are the same. While many have asked her to change a couple of the songs (and dance routines), she remains steadfast and rigid in keeping things “as is.”

On the other hand, Sue keeps things current. She changes her songs (and routines) every couple of weeks. Her style is different from Judy’s. She is animated and invites her class to come up and dance with her. She pokes fun at herself when she messes up. She asks for song suggestions. She moves through the class and (genuinely) motivates them. She isn’t complacent.

Both ladies have a solid following. What do I mean? By a solid following, I mean that many people come to class because they enjoy the camaraderie and the energy that comes from it. For over a year, Judy has rested on her laurels. She averages 60+ students during her week day class. Many patrons come to class because it fits into their schedules. Judy knows this and (I believe) trusts that it will continue this way. There is an element of I’m gonna take this for granted. If I have such a BIG following, I don’t have to change.” This kind of intention speaks to LAZINESS. It’s not that Judy can’t choreograph new songs. It’s just that she doesn’t want to. Though, there have been numerous complaints regarding the tone of Judy’s classes, the administration remains complacent because her classes are FULL.

Complacency shows up in many ways. Complacency at work, at home, and in our personal relationships. We don’t recognize how it creeps up on us. It doesn’t just “happen.” It’s because we have an element of laziness within us. What we need to do is be  aware that it’s there. We’re ALL works in progress.

Questions for you: 1) In what situations are you complacent – work, school, home marriage? 2) What excuses do you make to support your complacent nature? (i.e. I’m tired. I’m busy. This is too hard!).

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