Monday, November 23, 2015

The Thank God, It's Today Club

I BELIEVE that we should form Thank God  It's Today Clubs in our communities. There is no cost to join. Membership is geared to people who are joyful to be alive and healthy! The members understand that each day is unique. Each day brings something new and different. The members support each other on the quality of life. They deserve, rather than dread, each day!

The desire to maintain membership (in this club) can make a substantial difference in your attitude.

Just think, if you wake up EVERY day with gratitude to be ALIVE and HEALTHY, you're already JOYFUL! The simple shift goes a LONG way to a much more positive (and productive) day.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Visual Connection (Part 2)

Body Language : The eyes reveal the soul. When you pay close attention, you can gain a lot from a person's eyes - - confidence and competence for starters. When you're focused, people know that  you're listening and paying attention.

You won't convey the same affect if you're looking around the room, looking at your watch or looking at papers on your desk. These kind of actions show that you're interested in doing something else.

Let's say you are a doctor and you are evaluating someone for pain. If your eyes jump all around the room and aren't focused on the task at hand: what do you think your patient thinks?

  • Is he interested in my personal situation?
  • Can he focus?
  • Is he competent? 
Patients can make these assumptions in an eye-blink. If they come in with an "open mind" but see you're not with it, their walls go up and you've lost them. It's because they've picked up on your non-verbal communication and you've hardly said a word. If you start out on the wrong foot; can they trust you?

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Quiet Time

In a classroom; a teacher enforces quiet time. Usually, it's used to create better classroom management when a class has gotten too loud or out of control. A teacher also enforces quiet time when s/he recognizes that the students need to take a break because they've hit a wall and need to regroup.

We can learn a lot for the importance of quiet time. Quiet time in reflection or prayer is the best preparation for intelligent action. Quiet time is needed when your mind is on overload. It's in those moments when you're inspired. It's because you give yourself opportunity to recharge your spiritual battery with God.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Strategy For Worry!

I can’t think I’ve ever seen a study on how many people worry (worrywarts) in the world. I’d guess there’s a HIGH percentage. Many situations trigger worry.

Recently, I was listening to a Christian talk show. The subject was worry and its effects on people. Naturally, worry leads to health and spiritual issues. Worrying about something doesn’t change things. In fact, 90% of the things people worry about never materialize anyway.

A caller shed light on a solution. She recounted that her father was an alcoholic. Her mother was a worrier.  One day, the mom had dinner on the table. Dad was late. This situation triggered mom’s anxiety. Mom lit a cigarette and started pacing. The caller (age 8 at the time) recounted how something she learned in Sunday school helped her. Repeatedly, she heard how Jesus said to his followers that He left them peace, and how it was important to pray in ALL matters with expectation. This young girl saw the anxiety in her mom. When she confronted her, the mom confessed FEAR. The girl went into her room and prayed for her father’s safety. The girl saw prayer as an alternative to worry. She rationalized that seeing her mom worry about her dad, left her mom stuck. Praying to God for a solution, caused movement. She learned that praying for ANYTHING was a solution/strategy to attacking worry and anxious thoughts.

I BELIEVE we can learn a lot from this situation. The next time you’re in a worrisome mode; stop yourself and pray. Continue to pray with the knowledge that prayer is a simple, effective solution to a negative situation.

Question for you: Are you a worrier? What situations trigger your anxiety?
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