Monday, September 28, 2015

The Art of "NO!"

Are you guilty of saying yes when you want to say no? Do you cave and say yes because you want people to like you, and you don't want to rock the boat? You're NOT alone.

The problem with saying yes is 2 fold, First, the end result is being overwhelmed and tired. There is a diminished return when your spirit is affected. Secondly, you feel victimized and resentful.

Get a clue people! Saying NO does NOT mean you're selfish.

The trick to saying NO is to use your wisdom. NO teaches boundaries.

The next time you want to say yes, but really want to say NO, tell the person, Let me think about that and get back to you.

You'll be glad you did!

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Monday, September 21, 2015

At Your Center

Being centered is at the core of a satisfying life. Many admire it and want it. BUT, you HAVE to be in touch with it, and have to know how to connect with it.

Your center is a calm, inspired feeling. When you're in it, you're flowing and in the groove. Despite any difficulties, you remain confident and in control. Little things don't bug you.

BUT, when you're off-center, you're frightful and agitated. In a nut-shell, you're STRESSED.

Staying close to your center isn't as hard as you might think. It involves you paying attention to your feelings and bringing yourself BACK when you drift away.

There's no question that staying close to your center is in your best interest. Explore it and work with it.

ENJOY its rewards!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Acknowledge and Validate!

The BEST way to bring someone up (and make their day) is to acknowledge and validate them! You'd be amazed at how something so small can make such a BIG difference for someone!

Some examples include: writing a thank you note, doing a random act of kindness, or acknowledging a "job well done."

People remember acknowledgment and they appreciate it. When you need favor or advice, it comes back to you. Acknowledging and validating makes your life easier and less stressful. Do you know of someone who needs a "pick me up?" Go for it!

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Clean Up - Clean Out

My journey to God has been an unconventional one. I was born and raised Catholic. I was taught by priests and nuns my whole life. For those of you born and raised Catholic; you could probably relate to “stringent and oppressive.” I don’ know about now; but back then, there really wasn’t any option for redemption. If you were a sinner, you either went to purgatory or hell. If you went straight to hell, there was no opportunity to get to heaven. If you went to purgatory, you were there for a while until you were cleansed of sin and evil. Once you were clean, you gained access to heaven.

Once I got to college, I had access to college professors who challenged my oppressive (religious) background. I’m glad those professors came my way. 

Once I got out of grad school, I found solace and meaning with “New Age” theory. EVERY book I read made sense to me. I couldn’t get enough of the books I was drawn to. For stout “bible-thumpers,” this would have been considered evil. For me, it made sense.

Eventually, I made my way to a Christian church. It wasn’t something I planned. God coordinated the circumstances to get my attention. June 7, 2015 was my 6th anniversary of turning life over to God. It hasn’t been an easy journey turning situations over to an invisible force. I was raised to be independent. Never did I think that at 58, I’d be learning something so fundamentally important for everybody.

As part of my new journey with God, I’ve relied on the wisdom of Joyce Meyer. I watch her everyday and I’ve read many of her books. Recently, her  book, Battlefield of the Mind (Winning the Battle In Your Mind) spoke to me. The message? Your mind is a battlefield/storage tank for crap that doesn’t belong there. The majority of people’s thoughts are filled with doom and gloom and doubt. In an effort to be positive, you HAVE to fill your mind with  stuff that combats doubt, negativity (or CRAP, as I call it). My take on this? Search for a Bible passage that speaks to your situation. It can be about anything -- career, finances, health etc. 

Once you are SOLID with the passage; meditate or process it throughout the day. Joyce calls this a “renewal of your mind.” What you’re doing is taking a Bible passage (which is based on truth) and saying it over and over again, until it becomes 2nd nature to you. Every time your mind goes to the negativity channel, change it to the positive channel of God.

Right now, I’m taking baby-steps with this. I’ve meditated on the following passage (2 Corinthians 4:18) to renew my faith that God is working in/on my behalf. “I am not looking at the things that are seen; but the things that are unseen.”

I’m still a work in progress!

Question for you: What issues are you currently struggling with?
Focus: Spirit, Health and Wellness

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Time, Time, Time!

How are your time management skills? Do you respect people's time?

Time is precious to EVERYONE!

Granted, there are times when you are late for a meeting, etc. You might have gotten a late start to your day and time got away from you. BUT, if you are REPEATEDLY late and use the lame ass excuse of I'm sorry. I don't know what happened.  then you've got a serious problem.

When you are consistently late, you disrespect TIME!

When you're late, you're scrambling and stressed. Nothing positive comes of it. When you're on time, you AVOID stress.

The lesson? Manage your time. Show respect to yourself and others.

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