Thursday, June 25, 2015

PEACE of Mind!

Rich minds make decisions that are guided by peace and clarity. Poor minds are guided by fear, doubt and confusion. Which mind-set do you usually project?

In order to change the channel, you HAVE to tune in to your inner voice. Divine wisdom speaks when you are open to listening to it. When you're in touch with who you are; what you stand, for and what you really want in life, you're at a point of making life-impacting decisions!

When a decision is right; it brings peace. The right decision doesn't leave you confused or in doubt. This type of decision might be labeled a pure decision. That's because it's rooted in DIVINE WISDOM. These type of decisions require faith. This faith is the trust in following your inner voice and that the outcome will be positive.

Have you ever made a decision and later regretted it because of self-doubt? Sometimes, those doubts can be a red-flag that (in the future); you need to give yourself more time in deciding!

If you're not conscious of your decision-making patterns you might spend a life-time making decisions based on what the world thinks, vs. what your inner voice is saying is right for you.

Many times, people make fear-based decisions with logical reasoning. Those type of decisions keep us from facing the truth about why we do what we do. Uncovering the truth about how you decide on something, is a positive step to PEACE of Mind!

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's Your Life, It's Your Choice!

I don't have the patience (or respect) for people who are victims. This applies to both men and women. Women who project a victim mentality clearly don't get my respect. Maybe it's because I was raised to see women as powerful, or maybe I learned it in counseling. In any case; when I see a woman who is projecting I am a victim, I run!

Life is about choice. Yes, life can throw us some severe curves that might knock us for a "loop." What's important is how we react to these curve balls. Do you react aggressively or passively?

If you're in a bad relationship (and stay there), it's your choice.

If you have a dream to buy a home or start a new business; it's your choice.

In any case, you HAVE to free yourself up from the mindset that your life is controlled by your current circumstances. You HAVE the power to free yourself up, and tap into the power that will move your forward.

Recognizing the tremendous power to choose will make you feel more powerful. When you have PERSONAL POWER OF CHOICE, you have the courage to do things that fear would normally keep you from doing.

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

It's In Your Speech!

There is a LOT of truth in what you say:  I'm not good with math. I'm just a mom. I don't like my job.

You might think that the above are harmless remarks. In reality, this negative talk does nothing positive for you. On a subconscious level; your negative self-talk encourages you to BELIEVE the things that you're actually saying.

When you make a conscious effort to speak positively; you actually lift yourself up and elevate your thinking. Speaking positively is a habit that takes time and generates from within.

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

O Woe Is Me!

Some people just can't figure out why their life isn't working. They see other people having "fun," but they don't know how to attain it. Maybe it's because they BELIEVE the following:

  • Think about yourself
  • Talk about yourself
  • Use "I" as much as possible
  • Mirror yourself continually in the opinion of others
  • Listen greedily to what people say about you
  • Be suspicious
  • Expect to be appreciated
  • Be jealous and envious
  • Be sensitive to slights
  • Never forget a criticism
  • Trust nobody but yourself
  • Insist on consideration and the proper respect
  • Demand agreement with your own views on everything
  • Sulk if people are not grateful to you for favors shown them
  • Never forget a service you may have rendered
  • Be on the lookout for a good time for yourself
  • Shirk your duties if you can
  • Do as little as possible for others
  • Love yourself supremely
  • Be selfish

Want to have a miserable life? Want to have something better but you're unable to change? Keep doing what you're doing!

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Depth Personified

God continues to show me things in this journey called “life.” Some of the things He’s shown me take my breath away. My latest “breath taker” involves my accountant.

Don (not his real name), has been my accountant for over 10 years. He was a referral from someone in my past. Don is Hindu and for practical purposes is a PRIME example of a “type B” personality. I’ve never see him rattled. It doesn’t matter whether I speak to him before, during, or after tax season. He’s ALWAYS “zen.” He meditates for 90 minutes EVERY morning. He’s had a challenging life. He’s had 2 open heart surgeries and lost a  daughter (3 years old) to a hit and run accident. While he maintains his type B personality, there is a sadness to him. His body language carries  it. It’s ALSO observable in his wife. One thing about Dan’s accounting practice, ALL his staff maintain a “type B” calm.

Recently, I went to Don’s office to speak to him about my taxes. This past year brought many financial challenges. One in particular made me uncomfortable. He asked me to do some editing for a book he was writing. I needed the gig so I took on the project. The book needed development, so much so that I only charged him a 1/10th of what I should’ve. When I presented the invoice; he asked if he could pay me a bit at a time. I told him that would be OK. He had always been patient with me paying him. A year went by. We both owed each other money. I owed him for  accounting services and he owed me for editing services. I really needed the dough. At one point, I contacted his assistant and asked about payment. A check followed for a  portion of the work. When I received the check, God instructed me NOT to contact him for further payment. God’s message came early April of 2014. I was knee deep in debt and wasn’t sure how to approach this. When his invoices came, I grew anxious and frustrated. Due to a lack of funds, I was close to a year of nonpayment. As I got closer to our meeting, I prayed and asked God for guidance. I remembered that he was my manager for one of my portfolios. He once told me that he was entitled to a commission that he never took. I thought, “I need a creative way to pay him. I’ll use the portfolio commission.”

When I entered his office and closed the door, I gave him the 911 on my financial situation. At one point, he asked me if I had a lawyer. I knew that was code for “bankruptcy.” Flatly, I told him NO, that was not part of God’s plan. We talked a while longer and ironed out what we owed each other. But, it was when he whispered, “I need money too,” that our interaction took a direction that I could never have imagined. When I told him how much money I owed and how much money I had in the bank, he instructed his assistant to “pull a file that showed his liabilities.” His assistant brought in a copy. He showed me that he was 138 K in debt for clients who had not paid him for his services. When I saw his debt, my mouth fell open and my eyes teared up. I asked him how he was paying his rent, utilities and his staff. He confessed that God was good; he was blessed, and things were gonna be OK. This didn’t sit well with me because I couldn’t fathom how an accountant would permit a 138 K debt from his clients. I was not raised to be disrespectful of people and their kindness. It just FLOORED me that someone would “forget” about a bill and would take advantage of a situation like my accountant.

Before I left Don’s office, he told that there would be “NO MORE BILLS” from him. He’s never been one to raise his voice. It was the way he repeatedly said “NO” that made me shut up and accept his graciousness. He concluded our meeting by telling me that if I received any invoices from his staff, that I should notify him ASAP.

Don’s reaction to my financial situation stayed with me for a couple of hours. I called a number of friends to tell them what transpired. But, it was when I spoke to my friend Jean (not her real name) where I learned another valuable lesson in friendship. As I shared my situation, I remarked that I felt like Jimmy Stewart’s character, George Bailey in “It’s A Wonderful Life. I don’t like Christmas movies, especially the ones that push a warm and fuzzy theme. I have a bad history with Xmas. This movie is at the top of the heap. As I complained about the movie, she remarked that I had missed the central theme about friendship and kindness. At the end of the movie, Stewart’s friends rally around to help him. He realizes that as he was kind to others; they reciprocated. As I had been kind and respectful to Don, he reciprocated. I’m a BIG believer  in being kind to others. It’s hard for me to accept kindness. It causes me to be humble and  vulnerable. I’m not used to these feelings. I told Jean that I’d revisit the movie sometime soon but NOT around what I call “the jingly period.” It’s important for me to accept the kindness of strangers. This is a hard lesson for me to learn. I’m so touched by Don’s kindness and Jean’s truthfulness.

I have to end this piece for now. The tears are flowing in gratitude.

Question for you: Are you able to receive kindness. Do your actions show depth of character?
Focus: kindness, generosity, friendship, spirit