Monday, May 27, 2013


The actress, Rachel Dratch was famous for her Debby Downer character on Saturday Night Live. Wherever she went, she pulled down another person's energy. Clearly, she was an unhappy person!

Unhappy people are held back by their own misery and stress. It's hard for them to be successful. Moreover, it's hard to work with them. They lack motivation because they're consumed with their own drama. These people often feel victimized. This affects them in their personal and professional lives. In addition, they are poor team players who are poor listeners, and are always on the defensive. They can't offer any type of positive solution because everything is seen as someone else's fault.

Does the above scenario describe you? You know, you can change ALL of that. If you take a risk to be happy, your life will change >> IMMEDIATELY!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bob-Time Coaching!

Do you need a life coach to help you be your best? Bob-time Coaching is here! Our mission statement is: "We Help YOU Paint What YOU Love!" We help you reach your personal and professional goals by building your confidence with creative solutions.

We work with you in areas of:

  • time management
  • career planning
  • business
  • goal setting
  • wellness
  • education
  • spirit
We specialize in bullying workshops. If your school or organization  needs assistance, call us. We also specialize in helping students transition in college. If you're a parent that knows your child  will need help with this transition, please call us.

Visit us on the web at:

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Public Speaking (Part 8)

Your vocal delivery includes your volume, rate, and articulation. When you rehearse, pay attention to the loudness/softness of your volume. If you can, ask a friend to be your "audience of one." Your friend can give you early feedback on how you come across. In addition to your voice, pay attention to your rate. Your rate is the speed at which you speak. Remember not to speak with a monotone voice. That is the quickest way to turn off your audience. Last, but not least, pay attention to the way you pronounce your words. That's known as articulation. Speaking clearly is KEY!

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Monday, May 13, 2013

You And Your Spirit (Part 8)

We all need spiritual mentors. A mentor is someone who lifts you up, and challenges you. Do you have someone who challenges you to be your best? If not, look for these characteristics:

  • Honesty
  • Worthy of trust and respect
  • Insightful and wise
  • Patient and kind
  • True to their convictions
  • Ready to change and grow
  • Ready to forgive and forget
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's YOUR Choice!

It's a sad day  when you hear an adult say they don't know what their passions are, or what type of life would give them joy. You only have one life to live! If you could create your perfect job, the one that excites YOU, what would it be?

Responsibility for YOUR happiness and success comes from YOU. It rests on your shoulders. If you're not living a passionate life, you're the one to blame.

The reality is that you DO have a choice. Granted, they may not be easy or comfortable, but you do have one.

Are you at the fork in the road? Have you been stalling or complaining because you don't want to take a risk?

Get cracking! You could be dead tomorrow!

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Public Speaking (Part 7)

The success of your first speech depends on preparation and practice. Practice your speech as often as you can. Like an actor in a play, a public speaker must deliver his/her lines well. You want to appear "natural" to your audience. You'll achieve this affect if you rehearse. If you can stimulate the actual conditions of your speech, you'll diminish the surprise factor, and reduce your anxiety.

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