Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Test Your Intuitiveness!

How intuitive are you? Answer the following questions to see where you stand:

1) I believe in E.S.P.  [Yes/No]
2) I sometimes know exactly what will happen. [Yes/No]
3) I trust my instincts (the first time). [Yes/No]
4) I have flashes of insight about things that are important.  [Yes/No]
5) Many of my decisions are based on my "gut." [Yes/No]
6) I sense problems before anyone tells me about them. [Yes/No]
7) I have days that go well, because I feel lucky. [Yes/No]
8) I have psychic experiences. [Yes/No]
9) I can sometimes dream the answer to a problem. [Yes/No]
10) If data supported one opinion, but my intuition disagreed with it, I would follow my intuition. [Yes/No]

Five or more YES answers indicate a high reliance on your intuition.
Five or more NO answers show a low reliance on intuition.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Are You A Creative Thinker?

Call it a hunch or a gut feeling: thousands of managers and executives make business deals based on their intuition. Have you ever had a hunch that you should or should not be doing something? We all have hunches, but many of us ignore or distrust them as being useless. Creative thinkers tend to pay more attention to their feelings including their "inner voice."

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Authenticity and Communication

With 20/20 vision or hindsight, you could probably recall dozens of occasions when you knew something, but ignored it. Doubt or fear, spoke louder than your inner wisdom. Some call it a sixth sense, hunch, instinct, feeling in your bones, gut instinct or vibes. And, that leads to a waste of your time.

The more you listen to this wisdom, the stronger your authenticity becomes. Strong authenticity equals strong communication.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pay Attention!

It can be hard to listen to your "gut," but, guidance is always available. It's about paying attention. If you just slow down and check in with your feelings, you can notice that helpful, inner messages, come to you ALL the time. They can be through physical sensations, flashes of insight, or intuitive feelings. And when you use this information to adjust your course; you tune in to your inner state, and interact (better) with others.

This guidance shows itself in  different ways -- the signals of "danger," to the subtler sense that shows a ballplayer where to move for a catch. All of us have it. You just have to recognize it and make it conscious.

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