Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Good Idea!

Do you get anxious when you meet someone new? Does going to a party make you nervous?
Here’s a great way to change that. Ask a question. When you ask a question, it conveys that you want to get to know a person. Where did you get that tie? How did you make that recipe? Questions get people to REVEAL who they are. They are GREAT ice-breakers (and a great way to flirt)!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Trust = Commitment

Trust equals commitment and if there is not trust, the relationship won’t evolve. Trust is a slow process that happens over time. When there’s a betrayal of trust, it threatens the relationship. Research shows that it takes up to five times to gain a new customer, then to sell an existing one.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A "Youthful" Appearance

I believe we ALL have a voice and we can ALL make a difference. I was privy to this a couple of months ago when I saw the daughter of my Zumba teacher come up and lead the class to a song by Shakira. A brief history is needed.  My zumba teacher began as a student. She stayed in the back of the class. She was there BUT no one knew her because she was so shy. She didn’t talk to many people. That changed when the Zumba teacher we had, saw her potential and encouraged her to become certified. She did and just experienced her 4 yr. anniversary. This teacher recognized her shy and introverted limitations. She walked into her spotlight. She made her class, her OWN. She recognized the benefits she attained and wanted them for her daughter. Her daughter had potential but was the shy wallflower in the background. The mom wanted her daughter to “taste” the spotlight and encouraged her to come to class and dance.

Many times, the daughter came up and danced with her mom. One day, that changed. The mom played the Shakira song. The daughter stepped alongside of her and took (what she thought) was her rightful place. The mom danced and the girl followed. The mom stepped into the class and left the daughter alone in the spotlight.

The daughter recognized the moment and OWNED it. She danced and was TRANSFORMED. Her body took on a persona like I’ve never seen. She EXUDED confidence. She was in her EMPOWERMENT. I don’t think the daughter recognized the MAGNITUDE in how she commanded the audience. When the song was over, the ENTIRE class broke out in applause to support the girl and her efforts.

After class, I spoke with both of them. I told the daughter how she did something PHENOMENAL for herself and others. The mom revealed that she didn’t want her daughter to be in the background but to be a beacon of light (my words) for others to witness.
Sometimes, we HAVE to push someone into the spotlight because they have the potential. It’s just that no one has ever done anything about it. It’s one thing to speak and encourage. It’s another thing to create circumstances or situations where the person in question walks into an unknowing spotlight where the light is so bright, it BLINDS you.

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Focus: Potential, Inspiration, Empowerment

Question For You: 1) Are you manifesting your potential or are you content to watch the grass grow? 2) Where is your potential and/or gifts (i.e. art, music, etc.)? Are you using them? 3) What steps can you take to make your potential grow?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Communication is invisible and happens quickly. Whether you find your skills not working at the office (or in your personal life), it’s necessary to STOP and look at what’s happening between you and the people you’re with. It may be the way you’re communicating, then what you’re trying to say. Negative communication styles or poor communication skills for handling disagreements and attitude differences can be overcome.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tell The Truth

Telling the truth/building trust is the “glue” to communication. “Little white lies” or telling “fibs” tears it apart. And, once you’re caught not being honest, it’s very hard for anyone to trust you (or your company).

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Visual Vs. Auditory Learner!

What type of learner are you – a visual or an auditory one? One type of learner understands information through the ears (auditory) or when they hear it. Another understands it through the eyes (visual) or when they see it. If you’re one of those visual learners, you might understand why “the eyes have it.”

The majority of your language is nonverbal. That’s right! You might say one thing with your words but your body language might be saying something else. And, in order for your message to be in sync,  and to come across clearly to others; both your verbal and nonverbal language have to work together. If they don’t, you’re not  communicating as well as you need to, and you’re wasting precious time.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

It's About Your Job (Plan B)!

Looking for a job is a job. Many of us pound the pavement and still no green light. You have a great resume, wardrobe, and you’re getting interviews, but still NO JOB! Your frustration is through the roof. You can’t take much more! STOP, breathe and create a PLAN B. Here are 4 easy steps.
1)    Be WIDE open: Gone are the days when you’d open the paper, find a job that interested you, send out a resume, interview, and be employed. It was easier then. Jobs are competitive especially with unemployment being so high. It’s time to push yourself and be creative. Use a number of strategies beyond the internet – network, create flyers and use social media tools like LinkedIn. All are professional and “politically correct” avenues to getting your foot in the door and gaining long-term employment.
2)    PRACTICE: O.K., so you feel good about a couple of your interviews. You weren’t nervous and you didn’t stumble or make a fool of yourself. But still, no call back. What gives? Well, you have to practice some more. Remember the phrase “Practice Makes Perfect?” Well, in this case “practice” makes you better. Use a mirror, see how you look. Use different vocabulary. Outline your approach for the next interview. How can you sell yourself BETTER? Many times, an employer looks for creativity. If you’re doing the “same ole, same ole” approach to the job hunt, you will not get many call backs. The idea is to Stand Out!
3)    Assess YOU: After your interview, it’s time for a YOU assessment. How did you do? Did you take steps to control and close the deal (and get to the next level of interviews) or fall flat as a pancake. Each interview can teach you comething about how you can do better – the next time.
4)    Repeat ‘til Employed: Until you’re gainfully employed, you have to keep moving forward. You need to maintain your positive self. The bottom line is repeat, repeat, repeat and add and subtract to your presentation. You’re constantly tweaking. It’s all about motivation and perspective!
*Try saying three (3) positive things to an employee before you offer constructive criticism.
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