Sunday, June 18, 2017

Guardian Angels

Unless you’re agnostic and don’t believe in God, we all have something in common; namely guardian angels. One thing I’ve learned in church is that we need to tell our angels to work for your benefit. They need to be told (daily) that they need to do their job of guarding, guiding and bringing us our righteous blessings. Every day, I summon my angels to guard, guide and protect me.

By nature,  I’m a responsible person. I go to the doctor for my yearly check up and get my teeth cleaned 2x a year. I’m also good about monitoring the upkeep of my car. However, do to a lack of finances,  I’ve been amiss with maintaining it.

Last week, after church, my brake light came on.  I noticed the brake going down unusually LOW. It struck me as odd because “pre-church,” the brakes were fine. I did a slow round in the Wal-mart parking lot and noticed that the car didn’t stop immediately. It slowed down gradually. I thought Oh fuck, I’ll have to drive really slow on my way home. As I made my way into traffic, I realized how precarious my situation was. I couldn’t get close to other cars because I was unsure of my distance (proximity) to them. Attending to traffic lights was also a challenge. I couldn’t take a risk of a left turn into traffic, for fear of hitting an oncoming car. Driving down any street that had families with young children or pets, put me over the edge. I never thought of how much we take our safety for granted, when we get into the car, and drive.

I got to my apartment and thought about where I’d take it for service. There is a credible auto shop within walking distance. That would be a great choice but I hesitated on doing it in the early morning. There were too many cars and people to navigate. I decided to drive 15 mph to the auto shop (a mere 4 blocks away). I parked my car in the lot and was relieved. The car was in a safe place for the time being.  I’d be able to get it serviced in the morning.

I got to the shop 15 minutes early and checked it in. I contacted the service department 3 hours later. They were swamped and told me they’d get to it by 1:00. I called at 2:30 to ascertain the situation. The service rep told me that I needed a brake overload to the tune of $1400.00. My heart sped up with the price. It actually reacted too early. It should have sped up when the tech said, I’m surprised at how long you drove the car that way. You had no back brakes and about 10% of your front brakes. Everything in the brake system was cracked. When we took off the left rear tire, the actual brake pads etc. just fell off the axle and fell on the floor. You could’ve died or killed someone!

Auditorilly,  I suck!  If you give me info over the phone, I can’t process the complexity of as situation.  I’m a visual learner.  Always have been. You show me a picture of anything and I “get it!”

While I heard, You  could’ve died, I didn’t understand the severity of everything. I kept thinking, You could’ve died. The word “died” should have BLASTED in my brain. It didn’t!
The next day, I went to the auto shop and introduced myself to one of the technicians. He took me to the car and pointed out the damage. Once again, he mentioned “dying.” Then, it hit me! I grew quiet. I didn’t say anything. Then, I looked at him and said, Thank you for saving my life! I inquired as to why I didn’t have any previous warning about the brakes. He said that each car is different in alerting the driver about any hazard.

As I made my way home, I thought about my guardian angels. They had protected me all this time. It was when the brake light came on, that I had to do my part and make sure that I was safe. This situation had so many levels to it: 1) I didn’t crash the car. If I had crashed the car,  I’d be without transportation. That would have posed a serious problem. 2) I didn’t hurt myself or anyone else. If  I’d hurt someone permanently, I don’t think I’d be able to live with myself. 3) The brake light was my wake up call. It told me to address the situation IMMEDIATELY. If I ignored it, the situation would have had severe consequences. 4) I hadn’t died, which told me that God wasn’t done with me yet. He still had a good plan for me. Lastly, 5) This situation was so precarious. It showed me the importance of DIVINE protection and how we’re protected. We just don’t realize how our angels are doing it.
My counselor has told me not to obsess over things like this. If I stay in the Oh My God, that was awful! I’ll lose sight of living every day without fear. For the last 2 years, I’ve lived with Oh My God, that was awful! It affected me physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Not a good place to be. It’s wasted energy.

I’ve taken steps to not “chew” or revisit the negative. I  have to be conscious and conscientious about the positive. I hope I don’t forget this situation with the car. I want to be able to remember that despite the seriousness of it all, I walked away unscathed. I just have to remember to call upon my angels on a daily basis and to thank them every night for doing 
their part.

Focus: Gratitude, Spirit, Angels, DIVINE  protection, Well-Being

Questions for you: 1) Do you have any situations where an angel stepped forward to change your life (positively)? 2) Have you revisited it to remember the importance of DIVINE protection? 3) Do you talk to and thank your guardian angels on a daily basis? 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Your BODY LANGUAGE Speaks Loudly!

Studies show that people who show “less” are more relaxed, self-assured and credible. Remember this: it takes time to understand and interpret body language. Getting it right the first time won’t happen. It’s because it’s a tricky process and has many layers. It begins with you identifying patterns. And as you get better and you become more aware, you’ll understand what they’re saying.

Reading body language can help you tailor a message. Mirroring helps with communication. Let’s say you’re discussing something and the person you’re talking with leans against a wall. You can do the same thing. What does it “say?” – you’re solid with them! Let’s say you’re talking to someone and they sit down. Sit down next to them. It conveys harmony and a sense of being on their level.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Your Listening Style

Listening style reflects the attitude and behavior of the listener. It is how someone listens. Your listening style can be a bridge or a barrier to good communication. Listeners can avoid barriers of listening by being aware of what the pitfalls are, and knowing how to avoid them.

The most difficult person to communicate with is the daydreamer. You can tell a daydreamer by the faraway look in his eyes. This type of person is present, but not really there.  They are easily distracted and will change the subject without warning.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Active Listening

Active  listening is the bridge to good communication. It is committed listening based on good habits and self control. Good listening is purposeful and productive because it allows the listener and the speaker to reach an understanding.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Importance Of Validation

I met Diane at a seminar on downsizing. A number of us “seniors” were there to get a handle on downsizing our homes and all its clutter. After the presentation, the marketing director asked us if we wanted to see some of the properties in this senior residence. Diane and I were the only 2 who jumped in for a “look see!”

As we entered the elevator, Diane spoke about herself and her journey. She was 74. She had two grown children. Her husband had been gravely ill for most of their marriage. When her daughter married out of state, her dad couldn’t attend because of his health. In addition, Diane had lost two businesses as a result of the economy. In addition, she took a fall which warranted a rod in her spine to keep her upright. It took her over a year to heal.
I was humbled by her story. I turned 60 a couple of months before. It wasn’t an exciting birthday. I was trying to rebuild my life after an eviction, job (and friend) loss, and overcoming cataract surgery. I thought I had it bad UNTIL I heard her story.

Can I give you a compliment? I asked.

Sure! she said.

Thank you for being an inspiration to me and to others. Your story told me a lot about overcoming life’s speed bumps. You’ve done it in a very quiet and respectful way!

She burst into tears.

How can you say that? How am I an inspiration?

I told her that many times we silently go through things that have us feeling lost and overwhelmed. Without a “testimony” we think we’re the only one UNTIL we hear about the struggle/success of someone who’s had it worse. In addition, I told her that her story was a PRIME example of moving forward with a greater appreciation of what GOD has in store for ALL of us.  As I spoke, I cried too. That in turn made her, and the leasing agent also cry. I hadn’t really intended on throwing this lady a curve. It just happened.

Validation is important. It needs to be done consistently and purposely. You never know what someone is going through, until you hear their story. In my case, I needed to hear Diane’s story. Her story gave me momentum. I needed to move forward with my life. In hearing her story, I validated her by saying Thank you. You changed my life!
Validation = Changing someone’s life!

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Focus: Validation, spirit, life purpose, inspiration

Question for You: 1) How can your life story inspire others? 2) Who can you share it with?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

5 Ways To Stop Bad Listening Habits

Here are 5 ways to stop bad listening habits:

  1. Catch yourself in the act. By monitoring your listening behavior, you can catch yourself when you fall into an undesirable behavior.
  2. Fight the habit. Don't wait until tomorrow to change. Admit your behavior when you catch yourself.
  3. Substitute an old habit with a new one. Learn what isn't working for you. Learn the value of your new behavior and trust in yourself.
  4. Brag about your success. When you have done something well, celebrate it. Give yourself a pat on the back.
  5. Be patient. Give yourself a break. You will make mistakes. You will improve gradually.
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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Good Idea (About Blogs)

A Good Idea
A professional blog is a great way to show your expertise. What do you “know” better than anyone else? Put that knowledge to “work” for you. The blog doesn’t need to be extensive (just informative). It can be a weekly entry that informs people. Take it a step further by listing it through a search engine like Google or Yahoo (FREE ADVERTISING) > take advantage of an ADSENSE program by featuring ads on your blog. Every time someone visits your blog and clicks on a sponsored ad, you earn $$$$.
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